Maundy Thursday Experience

Thursday 6th April 7pm-9:15pm Maundy Thursday Experience (All Saints)

An interactive and reflective journey through the events of Maundy Thursday. Come and see Jesus’ last hours played out. From the last supper and the washing of feet, to the denials of Peter around the fire, we’ll join in the story.

We’ll be outside for some of it, so dress warmly, and if you are able, please bring a bowl and a towell if you want to join in the washing of feet. 

We will be particulalry using videos of John chapters 13-18 to reflect this on the events of Maundy Thursday, there will be an opportunity to wash each other’s feet and share communion togetther. We’ll then gathering inside and outside to dwell with God in times of guided reflection as we dwell in the story. Times will be approximate.

7pm ‘Footwashing.’ (John 13:1-17)

We begin this evening in the upper room, reflecting on Jesus washing the disciples feet. There will be an opportunity to wash each other’s feet if you wish.

7:30pm ‘Sharing bread and wine’ (John 13:18 – 14:31)

We then dwell around the table at the Last Supper, listening to the conversations, and sharing communion together.

7:55pm ‘Heading out to the Mount of Olives’ (John 15 & 16)

We will then headed outside into the gardens to dwell in Jesus’ teachings that night.

8:20pm ‘Praying in the garden’ (John 17)

In the garden Jesus prayed these remarkable prayers… for himself….for his disciples… for all believers (that’s us!). We will reflect on these prayers for ourselves and ‘watch and pray’ too for those we know in need.

8:40pm ‘The arrest and denials’ (John 18:1-27)

We watch Jesus being arrested, his disciples deserting him and Peter denying him. We are then invited to sit round the fire and reflect on where we too deny Jesus in our everyday lives.

9pm ‘Jesus is sentenced to be crucified’ (John 18:28-40)

We finish with Jesus being sentenced to death. We dwell in what it must have been like for him. But we leave knowing this was not the end of the story….


The full guide for the evening can be downloaded here if people want to do it on their own at home: Maundy Thursday Experience handout 2023