Who’s Who?

Leaders and Preachers

Assistant Ministers: Revd David Ritchie, Revd Paul Hunt, Revd Helen Wilkinson, Revd Geoff Vevers (Clergy Lead for All Saints), Revd Mark Slater   Licensed Lay Ministers: Alice Bruce, Peter Buchanan (Reader), Derham Cook (Reader), Judith Keene (Reader), Heather Williamson (Reader)   Authorised Lay Ministers: Barry Austin, Jo Hartwright

All Saints PCC

Sarah Yeadon (Church Warden), Paul Southern (Treasurer), Janet Finch (Church Warden), Patience Broad, Angela Davison (Deanery Synod Rep & Diocesan Synod Rep), Peter Buchanan (Deanery Synod Rep), Ken Beecroft, Karen Enwright, Andy Green, Andrew Crumpler, Carol Wilson Kathleen Horwood (Secretary) Derek Sheldon  

St Andrew’s PCC

2024/2025 PCC members and Charity Trustees: Dave Bruce (Rector), Derek Barnes (Lay-Chair), Andy Lymer (Treasurer), Steve Beldon (Warden), Derham Cook, Nick Fane, Val Fane (Safeguarding), Sylvia Knott, Anna Laidler, Jin Metha, Tristan Mitchell, Jane Mortimore, Carole Nicholls (Warden), Jennifer Oakley, Colin Robbins, Helen Simpson, Heather Williamson, Helen Wilkinson. PCC Secretary – Beth Reed

St Mary’s PCC

Claire Charley (Vice Chair, ALM Pastoral) Jenny Green (PCC Secretary) Helen Weir (Treasurer and Safeguarding Officer) Chris Beale (Church Warden, ALM Worship) Katherine Eglington Becky Munn (ALM Worship) Peter Coombes Jan Morris