Online, one off, payment for giving to St Andrew’s.

We are pleased to offer the ability to give to St Andrew’s online – using the system (a recommended supplier for the Church of England). Alternatively if you have a Stewardship account or wish to create one, you can also donate this way – see below on this page for details.

The Thyngs service is most suited to one off payments – if you wish to commit to a regular gift we would encourage you to use regular bank standing order – please see PDF details on our website by clicking here if this approach might suite you better. Note the account details:
.       Credit Acnt:   PCC St Andrew’s Malvern
.       Account No:  01127892
.       Sort Code:     30-95-41
We are hugely grateful for any financial support you are able to offer St Andrew’s at this time – but very much understand if your financial position means you can’t contribute to our costs. You are just as welcome a member of our community either way!


It is very simple to use and is fully secure. Just follow steps below if you wish to use this service:

To go straight to the (our payment collection hosts) webpage for St Andrew’s, just click here or the button alongside and then follow the instructions below (points 1, 2 & 3 below).

⇒ To use the QR code on your smartphone – Point your phone’s camera at the picture (called a QR code) below (if your phone is capable of reading these codes and most smart phones can it should ask then if you wish to open a website called ‘‘ – our payment collection hosts – say ‘yes’) and  this should bring you to a web page headed ‘St Andrew’s Church Malvern – Mobile donation page’.

  1. Follow the instructions there to donate either a fixed sum (£5, £10 or £25 offered – just click the relevant button if that is the sum you wish to give) or press the ‘Other’ button if you wish to donate a different sum (smaller or larger is fine).
  2. You can pay with Apple pay (QR code only if you use that service) or ANY credit card. If you select the latter, it will take you to a service called ‘Stripe’ (another Church of England recommended supplier) that will take the gift in a similar way to any other online payment you are used to.
  3. It will also give you the chance to gift aid this payment if you wish (see our general PDF instructions on Gift Aid on our website by clicking here if you need more advice on this).

There is a small charge we have to pay from your donation for processing this but it is only a small % – however there is NO CHARGE TO YOU for using this service. Your card or Apple pay account will only be charged the sum you have entered.


If you have a Stewardship account or wish to create one, you can also donate this way online, as a one off or regularly.  Just click here or on the image alongside and the Stewardship page for St Andrew’s will open in a new tab. For reference, our Stewardship partner number is 20030847

Need help or advice?

If you have any questions or concerns about either approach to giving to St Andrew’s, or indeed any other finance issues related to St Andrew’s, please do contact Andy Lymer, our Treasurer, on