Our weekly Life Group material (questions and reflections on Sunday sermons) can be downloaded here

These resources will help you live out the 5 Rhythms of Grace that we particularly looked at a couple of years ago:

By God’s grace I will seek to…

The Rhythms of Grace Small Group Material can be downloaded here:  Rhythms of grace small group sessions booklet 

Rhythm 1: Engaging with God in prayer, worship and Bible reading

Bible Apps and i-Bible resources

Encountering God in the Scriptures 30 suggested readings

Imaginative Prayer

Where to look in the Bible when…

Rhythm 2: Open to the Holy Spirit

Discerning your spiritual gifts online survey

The LICC 6M’s of living for Jesus on your frontline

Rhythm 3: Transformed to the likeness of Christ

Put up the Shuttering and let God fill it

Reviewing your day simple version

Help for those struggling with pornography

21 days to breakthrough – being transformed

Rhythms 4 and 5: Being a gracious presence & Sharing our faith

Life on the Frontline Video: Meet Anne

Simple ways to be missional

Finding my Frontline