Holiday Club is back this year and will be at St Andrew’s Church from 27th – 30th August 2024! More information soon!

We have had some amazing holiday clubs in previous years – see below for a glimpse of what they have been like!

The Drama 2018 – ‘Park life’ by our young leaders

Our Holiday Clubs take place during the summer holidays and are hotly anticipated by the children and parents alike. They run for Primary aged children and draw in around 100 children from our community.

Seaside Rock in 2017

Each morning is fast paced and action packed, with time spent all together at the front of the church, singing, listening to the story, watching the drama; time spent in small groups unpacking the story and learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus; and time in the other activities—craft, games, chill out or visiting the prayer room.

Holiday Club Sports on the common
Prayer activities in the Prayer Tent
The craft room

We have a large team of helpers and also run a special ‘young leaders’ stream for our 11-18s to train them and give them opportunities to grow in leadership and explore their gifts and talents.

Young Leaders’ Training

Watch our 2018 Holiday Club (Wastewatchers) video on YouTube
by clicking here.