We are fortunate to have a great bunch of young people across St Andrew’s and All Saints and we are delighted that we have just appointed Mike ‘Eddy’ Edwards as our full time Youth Ministry Leader.

We have such a large number of teenagers now coming to St Andrew’s that we have had to start an extra group on a Sunday morning. The three groups we have for teenagers have slightly overlapping age ranges so that we can place the young people in the group most appropriate to them. In their groups the young people are encouraged to explore faith in a relevant and fun way, to discuss the big and relevant questions for them,  and to be equipped to be followers of Jesus in their schools and amongst their friends. 

Our Youth on a Sunday morning
Midsummer Group (10-13 year olds)
Holly Bush Group (12-15 year olds)
Chase End Group (CHAOS) (15-17 year olds)



We are also committed to giving our young people opportunities to learn to minister and use their gifts and a big part of this is done through the Holiday Club each year where we have a fantastic group of Young Leaders who lead groups, run activities like craft and sports, and are involved in drama and technical aspects.

“I love how St Andrew’s feels like a family church with people of all ages, skills and callings that come together. It is a very encouraging place to be. I’ve had many chances to grow in my faith by being included in church projects. I feel that people encourage the youth and take our contributions seriously. I love how in CHAOS we chat about our faith in a personal way; what Bible passages mean to us and how our faith impacts our lives. This grows an active faith and youth group where we’re treated like mature young adults.” (Lois) 


You can see a copy of the video advert that our young people put together by clicking here.