Life groups are a key part of life at St Andrew’s and All Saints. Many people take an active part in one of the groups or are linked to a group less formally for pastoral care.

Our weekly life group material can be downloaded here

The purpose of the groups is threefold:

• Up – to encounter Jesus in worship, prayer, scripture and openness to the Holy Spirit. This may be linked to Sunday’s preaching.
• In – to support each other to grow as disciples, to build relationships with each other, to care for each other. We encourage each other, pray together and share together.
• Out – we encourage groups to have a missional focus, to identify our ‘frontlines’ in our family, work and social activities and to support each other to reach out to those who are not yet Christians.

The outworking of this looks different in each group. Groups meet weekly or fortnightly in different homes around the area or in the St Andrew’s Church Centre. There are currently one or more groups on each weekday night except Friday, two early morning groups for working members of the congregation and a Friday morning daytime group.

Val Fane co-ordinates Life Groups. If you would like to find out more about how you can join a group then get in touch with Val on (01684 566601) or email the church office.

Current Life Groups:


2.30pm Lucy’s All Saints Group (usually at 134 Fruitlands)

We are a group of mature people who meet on a Monday afternoon to study, pray and discuss the relevant sermon topic. Our vision continues to be that we support each other and our associate members on our walk with Jesus and offer practical help and spiritual encouragement.

7:30pm Jo Hartwright’s Group (various locations)

We are an active group of senior – mainly retired – members of St Andrew’s who really enjoy meeting together each Monday evening to share the ups and downs of life and how God has met us and helped us as we have sought daily to live for Him and serve Him. We gain mutual strength in laughter, relaxation and sharing in scripture, study, worship and service. Prayer and loving kindness are central and we have a WhatsApp link to keep in touch during the week. We warmly welcome new members.

7:45pm Helen Simpson’s Group (St Andrew’s Church Centre)

Helen’s group is a relatively new group with members from both St Andrew’s and All Saints. Several members live out of parish so we meet at Andrews which is fairly central. We’re a mixed group ranging from busy parents through to the retired who come together to share and develop our knowledge and understanding of Jesus, to pray together and to support each other as we navigate the ups and downs of life.


7:30pm The Octagon Community Group (The Octagon)

Coffee Shop Life group meets on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month at the Octagon at 7pm. This group is for those involved in helping or attending Coffee Shop – a weekly community café in the Brook Farm Estate. Our Life group is focused around an Agape meal where we share food, life and faith.

Chris and Ali Mesley’s group, Tuesday 7:45pm (for an 8pm start) and usually finish by 9:15pm

This is a group with a heart and focus for the community at the southern end of Malvern (including Malvern Wells, Upper Welland and beyond). We hope to support each other through prayer and encouraging each other to apply the Bible to our daily lives. Most of our members live in the area and are drawn from the congregations at All Saints and St Andrew’s. We would be particularly keen to welcome others who live locally.

7:30-8:30am Men at Work (Church Centre)

A early morning men only group, particularly for those who are working. We share our news, reflect on the Bible together, pray and encourage each other to live for Jesus on our frontlines. We are all finished by 8:30am and then most of us head off to work. 

7:45pm Heather Williamson’s Group

7:45pm Peter Myres’ Group

7:45pm Barry and Debbie Austin’s Group


10:30am- 12:00 Young Mum’s Group (St Andrew’s Church Centre)

7:45pm Derham Cook & Judith Keene’s Group

Warm, friendly fellowship with enjoyable ,open discussion, applying God’s Word for today and with time to worship in words and music.
You are very welcome to give us a try!

7:30-8:30am Women at Work (Church Centre) – for working women

Women at Work is a life group for women who work and particularly find evening groups trickier to get out to. We meet 7.30-8.30 am in the Chapel at Andrew’s church. We are pretty flexible with what we do in our group time but we try to focus on what it means to live as disciples on our “Frontlines’, to challenge and encourage one another to follow Jesus in all the aspects of our lives and to be a prayerful, supportive community to one another

10:30am-12:00pm ‘Faith on Friday’ (St Andrew’s Church Centre) with David and Lis Ritchie*

*These Life Groups meet fortnightly, the others meet weekly.

The Friday morning Life Group