Is He ALIVE? Are you fully ALIVE?

Are you looking to know love, hope, peace, freedom and purpose?

Evening Course starts Monday 15th April 7:30pm at the Lyttelton Well, Malvern

Daytime Course starts Friday 19th April 11:30am at St Mary’s Pickersleigh (with a free soup lunch). 

The ALIVE Course is a 5 week course looking at the post resurrection stories of Jesus offering anyone the opportunity to explore this amazing story and find out how it might make you more ‘fully alive.’

You can view a trailer here:

Each of the sessions looks at a particular resurrection story around the themes of Love, Hope, Peace, Freedom and Purpose:

Session 1: Meet Mary Magdalene – Transformed by Love
Session 2: Meet Cleopas and his wife on the Road to Emmaus – Surprised by Hope
Session 3: Meet Thomas and the Disciples – Filled with Peace
Session 4: Meet Peter – Living in Freedom
Session 5: Meet Paul – Fulfilling our Purpose

Together we will watch the film for that session (you can watch the session 3 film on PEACE here), and then discuss together in a really supportive atmosphere the ideas raised from the film. No question is out of bounds and everyone is invited to share as much or as little as they want.

You can book in by registering your interest below.

The daytime course starts on Friday 19th April at 11:30am at St Mary’s Pickersleigh, Sherrard’s Green Rd, Malvern WR14 2EE (after their Refresh Cafe) – free soup lunch included

The evening course starts on Monday 15th April at 7:30pm at the Lyttelton Well, 6 Church Street, Malvern WR14 2AY.