Welcome to St Andrew’s & All Saints Online!

While we have the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are moving as much as possible on-line so that our churches can continue to meet; albeit remotely. This page summaries the key things that we currently have available for you and also those in the immediate pipeline.
Sunday Services online

Each Sunday we’ll be streaming 2 services (now from our homes as our churches our closed): A traditional service (with Holy Communion) and a contemporary service. These services are pre-recorded and will be available on this page from 8:30am each Sunday. We encourage you to sit round your computer or Smart TV as families and friends, or on your own to join in together and worship as you would if you were with us.

Sunday 29th March Services: Lent 5

Traditional Service (inc Communion): Click here for video and audio

Leader: Rec Peter Myres        Preacher: Rev Dave Bruce
Psalm 62: 5-8


Contemporary Service : Click here for video and audio

Leader: Rec Peter Myres        Preacher: Rev Dave Bruce
Psalm 62: 5-8

PDF Material for children:   Psalm 62 for younger children (0-7 years)      Psalm 62 for older children (8-11 years) And if you liked 4Front Theatre doing ‘Virtual Sunday school’ last week, this is this week’s offering from Nat… click here

Our online youth meeting via ZOOM (https://zoom.us) will be start at 11:10am. If you have youth then do watch the start of the service together at about 10:45am and then we’ll ‘virtually’ send our youth out for their meeting via ZOOM with Eddy, our Youth Minister who will send out to our youth further info of how to log on to the meeting.

Sunday 22nd March Services: Lent 4 and Mothering Sunday

Traditional Service (inc Communion) from All Saints:  Click Here for video & audio

Leader: Rev Dave Bruce       Preachers: Alice Wills (one of our students from Regents College)
“Praying on the frontline”  2 Samuel 5:17-25; Luke 12:1-12

Contemporary Service from St Andrew’s: Click Here for video & audio

Leader: Rev Dave Bruce         Preacher: Rev Peter Myres
“Enough is Enough. Entering the Battle”        2 Kings 6: 8-19; Ephesians 6: 10-20

PDF material for children:    Armour of God for younger children (0-7 years)    Armour of God for older children (8-11 years)
Our great friends at 4front theatre have produced this online kids church session on prayer today which you might like to use with your children also. You can join their Virtual Sunday School from here.

Other online resources:

Alongside you’ll find a YouTube video message from Dave Bruce our Rector on the 19th March. Just click on the image to watch the video.



Meanwhile we have recordings of some of out Lent events (actual and virtual) for you to listen to.

Paul Hunt’s series ‘Let God Encounter you through the Scriptures this Lent are available by clicking on the image alongside.

You can also catch-up on any sermons you have missed. We have almost 2 years worth of our sermons from St Andrew’s and All Saints churches available vi our website to either listen to or watch. For a complete list in date order, please click here. You can also select by church, sermon series, speaker, etc.

If you have any problems with the technical aspects then please email Derek Barnes who will try to point you in the right direction.