We run a variety of courses throughout the year which anyone is invited to join.

Our Current Courses (Autumn 2019):

‘Re-thinking who I really Am’ Course
A 5-week course starting Wednesday 6th November 2019
7:30pm-9:30pm at St Andrew’s

This November we are very fortunate to have Margaret Bristow, an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist from All Saints Worcester, coming to run this 5 week course for us. The course comes highly recommended by Dave and many others.

Identity is not defined by status, achievements, or commodities. What we do, what we have achieved, what we own, may explain something about us but they do not define us. They are not our true identity.

Not being secure in who we are interferes with daily living. We stop doing particular activities or seek to please, or become workaholics to earn affirmation. We get other people to do tasks for us, we avoid events, or we become too busy to mask the internal hole. Daily relationship with self, others and God are affected by our not knowing our true secure base and identity.

This course provides a Biblical perspective to enable participants to challenge the judgements made about self and the value placed on self, others and God.

Can I encourage you to ask of your ‘self’ the following questions? What defines me? Whose significant voice has helped shape me? Who am I when status, achievement and commodities are stripped away?

The course ‘re-thinking who I really am’ invites you to take a biblical journey in discovering afresh the truth of who you are.

The aim of the course is to provide modular stepping stones which enable you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to increasingly become secure in your identity and so be able to answer with greater assurance the ‘who am I?’ question.

The modules will consider the origins of identity crisis and will explore the source of a healthy self-evaluation. We will discover how one’s sense of ‘self’ may have been harmed, broken or distorted.  We will start to understand how often our view of self stands in opposition to what God says about us. The modules will provide some suggestions of how to rebuild from a secure base of relationship with God a true self identity.

 Wednesday 6th November – Module 1: Laying the foundations
 Wednesday 13th November – Module 2: What is self-esteem?
 Wednesday 20th November – Module 3: What maintains low self-esteem?
 Wednesday 27th November – Module 4: Negative thoughts and low self-esteem.
 Wednesday 4th December – Module 5: Self- critical thinking.

This course will

  • Help inform those struggling with or wanting to discover who they are in relationship and partnership with God.
  • Help inform those who may be supporting someone with low self-opinion.
  • Help church pastoral teams have greater insight in supporting those on a journey of understanding who God perceives them to be.

The interactive course is taught in modules using a work-book which each individual participant will require at the commencement of the course. The workbook will be a reference point for the course duration and after the course has finished.

There are 30 places available for the course which will be allocated on a fist come first served basis. The cost is £20 + £14 for the workbook which can be bought on the first evening.
To book a place on the course, please sign up the sheets (with £20 payment) at the back of church or book through the church office.