The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt

Well done to everyone who took part in the Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt. We had about 150 people (from 50 different teams) taking part in the end, and below we will announce those who have won extra prizes!

We are sorry a few folk struggled with mobile reception in places (the challenges of living near hills!),  if you missed out on any of the videos you can watch them below.

You can see the Diocese of Worcester video about the Treasure Hunt here.

For those who were not able to do the treasure hunt, here are the videos from each location (and you can see the full set of questions here: Treasure Hunt ‘Paper’ version)

Palm Sunday  – Barnard’s Green:

The Last Supper – Lyttelton Well:

The Garden of Gethsemane – All Saints Church:

The Trial – British Camp Car park:

The walk to the cross – British camp car park:

The Crucifixion – Top of British Camp Hill:

The Resurrection – Giant’s Cave:

The Finish – Sally’s Café (British Camp Car park):

At each location, as well as answering different questions about the story, teams had to complete an ‘Entering into the Story’ task which helped them reflect on what it must have been like for Jesus and his disciples and what the story meant to individuals. It was great to see the different and meaningful answers people sent in.

There were two ‘selfie’ opportunities – here are a few photos of some of the teams!

‘Foot washing’ at the Last Supper:












Finding the Empty Tomb:







Some of the lovely feedback from the Treasure Hunt: 

“A lovely way of learning about Easter and exploring Malvern! Fab Activity!”

“Such a wonderful adventure. We loved it!”

“Henry (4) enjoyed it and learnt a lot- it was interesting to discuss with him and he seemed to really understand how to empathise with Jesus on that journey. It did lead to some interesting conversations about death. He hoped that Jesus would meet some friends along the way.”

And the Extra Prizes:

Four teams completed the Treasure Hunt will full marks (180!) and won an extra prize!

Team Reed

Flo, Ed, Sarah


Tim & Aria

And the team with the best ‘Enter into the Story’ answers was ‘Blinded by the Light’ (Katherine, Ava, Thea, Eleanor, Jacob, Purdy, Rollo).

Thank you all who made this possible, especially to James from the Diocese of Worcester for his brilliant filming and editing, Tristan, Barry (aka James Goldman) & Christina for their amazing acting, and PlayTours ( for donating the brilliant software to us free of charge.

Watch out for the Great Malvern Christmas Treasure Hunt coming later in the year!