Contemporary Service for 9th August 20209

St Andrew’s and All Saints Online:

A complete contemporary service.
Led by Jo Hartwright with Dave Bruce preaching.
Reading: Philippians 3: 12 – 4: 1 – “Keep on Pressing On!”

Over the summer the children are doing a series on ‘People Jesus met and stories that he told’, this week ‘Jesus meets a man who climbed a tree’. You can download our Children’s resources (PDF file to download):

In addition, there is a young families video to accompany the story. You can watch this on YouTube by clicking here. Enjoy!

Coffee & Chat after the service at 12  noon

We’d love you to join us for ‘Coffee and Chat’ on Zoom after the service at 12 noon. Details of the chat calls are on our weekly mailing, or email for further details.

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