Re-opening St Andrew’s Church Centre

[Latest update 20th July 2022]

Updated COVID safety guidelines 
The PCC again reviewed the position this evening and decided it was not appropriate to change the current guidelines, We continue to keep people as safe as we can whilst imposing the minimum restrictions – but as COVID cases are again rising we will keep the situation under regular review.
Please do not attend St Andrew’s church or church centre if you are experiencing any possible COVID symptoms , think that you may have COVID or have been in contact with someone who has recently had COVID.
Following from the latest situation and guidance, we are seeking to balance the need to keep arrangements in place whilst imposing the minimum restrictions for everyone. Key points include:
  • Face coverings are not now required for any of our services, but we encourage anyone who is concerned to avoid our popular 10:30 Sunday morning service and go to our mid-week or The Six services or watch online instead.
  • Please continue to sanitise your hands and do not attend if you have any symptoms, suspect that you may have COVID or have recently been in contact with someone who has had COVID.
  • Try to avoid crowded areas, maintain good ventilation and use outside spaces as much as possible,

Guidelines. We have endeavoured to follow:

  • The government guidelines are available on the Government website by clicking here.
  • The Church of England guidance is available on the Church of England website by clicking here.
  • The National Youth Agency guidance is available on the NYA website by clicking here.

For everyone using the church and church centre:

  • Follow the current Government guidance and try to hold your meeting in a safe manner for all.
  •  Anyone who has attended the building and develops COVID is strongly encouraged to inform the Church Office immediately so that appropriate action can take place.
  • All the normal facilities and rooms at St Andrew’s Church Centre are available for use by groups. However the organiser / leader for each group should ensure that:
    •  The rooms are well ventilated before, as appropriate during and after use. Do not prop Fire Doors open. Please try to strike the balance here between ventilating the rooms and retaining heat while the heating is on so as not damage the environment and increase heating costs. For the rooms in the new build with roof vents, please ensure that these are fully closed before you leave.
    • All rooms used are appropriately cleaned before and after use and secured afterwards.
    • Rooms are not too full so that some distancing can be observed.
    • Everyone sanitises their hands on arrival and as appropriate during their visit.
    • Try to minimise using shared items like children’s toys, or where this is not possible, ensure that all common items are thoroughly sanitised / cleaned before and after use.
    • People should avoid congregating in crowded communal areas like the foyer, corridor and toilets.
  • We would encourage groups using the church centre to carry out their own risk assessment and ensure that all attending know what is expected of them.
  • For church services such as communion where there is closer contact, we encourage those serving to to continue to wear face coverings and to serve communion by intinction.

We will be regularly reviewing these arrangements and updating them as the COVID-19 situation develops.
Meanwhile thank you for your co-operation in helping to ensure that we all remain safe while using the facilities at St Andrew’s.