Although the Malvern Nativity Trail is now closed, you can still catch up with the route and the supporting videos for each station – as shown below.

Click here to view our Nativity Trail promotional video.
Click here to download the map: Nativity trail map


Station 1: Mary gets a Special Visit (All Saints Church, Wells Road, WR14 4PA)

Click here to watch Mary’s story.



Station 2: The Long Journey (Wyche School) 

Click here to hear the donkey’s story.

Thanks to pupils of the Wyche school for painting the display


Station 3: No room at the Inn? (134 Fruitlands WR14 4XB)

Click here to hear the Innkeeper’s story



Station 4: He’s born! (8 Lime Tree Avenue, WR14 4XE)

Click here to hear Joseph’s story



Station 5: Who’s watching the sheep? (78 St Andrew’s Road, WR14 3PP)

Click here to hear the Angel’s story

Thanks to Pupils at the Wells school for painting the sheep here


Station 6: Visitors at the Manger (3 St Andrew’s Road, WR14 3PR)

Click here to hear the Shepherd’s story



Station 7: A Star is born (94 Longridge Road, WR14 3JQ)

Click here to hear one of the wise men – an astronmer – tell his story.

Thanks to pupils at Malvern Parish School for painting the star


Station 8: Wise men from the East (48 Longridge Road, WR14 3JB)

Click here to hear another of the wise men tells his story

Thanks to Charlie Lupton (07521 439 301) for the willow weaving


Station 9: The Selfie Nativity (St Andrew’s Church, WR14 3JX)

Click here to hear Rev Dave and Rev Peter invite you to take your selfie, and think about this amazing story a little bit more.


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