Friday12 Prayers – Come and join us to pray for our Nation

Call To Prayer – ‘Friday12’

Friday12’ is our response to the national call to prayer by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  ‘Friday12’ is an invitation to us to pray as a community for a continuous 12 hour period on the next 4 Fridays. In this Covid-19 lockdown we want to pray for our world, nation, our community and ourselves.

How to get involved;

1. Individual ‘Friday12’ in person at St Andrew’s – The church will be open for private prayer and a number of prayer stations will be set up to draw us into prayer.  We are inviting members of All Saints and St Andrew’s, to come and pray on site at a particular time.  We hope that at least one person (but a max 6 people) will be praying in church throughout the whole 12 hours (this will also practically also enable us to keep the building open!)
Sign up here:
Sign up to pray at a particular time by clicking here (select a slot between 9am and 9pm on the Fridays) or by emailing for Peter to enter it for you. Please note, more than 1 person can sign up for each slot (but no more than 6).
If you just want to pop in and pray for a little while then that is OK too, as long a there are less than 6 people in church at a time. Masks must be worn at all times.

(This only covers the next two Fridays – I will send out another sign up in due course for the second two Fridays)

2. Individual Prayer – if you can’t visit St Andrew’s then we invite you to set a time aside to pray at work, at home, at school, whilst in the bath, as a family over a meal or when you’re in the car.   You might like to download the resources here to help you pray:

       Prayer for the Nation Booklet can be downloaded here
      St Andrew’s & All Saints Coronovirus noon day prayer can be downloaded here

3. Corporate Zoom Prayer – Join us as we gather to pray together on Zoom at 9am, 12pm and 6pm each Friday. Each prayer session will last 30min – 45mins

ZOOM code: 818 3504 1997 password: prayers
At Noon each Friday we’ll be using the Noon day prayer which you can download here