Seminar Sunday at St Andrew’s 10:45

Our next Seminar Sunday is on 16th Februray at our 10:45am service at St Andrew’s.
The topics on offer:

‘Where do I fit in to God’s Big Picture?’ How does following Jesus relate to the Bible as a whole? Does Christian discipleship mean we can forget earlier parts of the Bible? Reverend Helen Wilkinson will be leading us on a journey about how the whole of the Bible fits together in a way that is relevant to being a disciple today.

‘Getting unstuck in our faith and helping others do the same’ In our recent Discipleship survey 17% of people identified as being ‘stuck’ in their faith or ‘grown cold.’ This seminar will look at some of the reasons for getting stuck in our faith and will suggest 12 steps to ‘getting unstuck.’ We are all called to be disciples who make disciples so this seminar is appropriate if you yourself are currently stuck, or if you want to find out how you can journey with others to help them get unstuck too.

‘Creative writing…a way of expressing our faith – come and be creative’ Ruth Gould is on the Regent’s College Performing Arts Course and has a passion for creative writing and how we can use that to express our faith. She’ll be giving some top tips for that and giving you an opportunity to be creative and get a taster of what our ‘Creative Day’ on March 21st might look like.

‘The tough questions our non-Christians friends ask us and how we can answer them.’ We often in our daily lives get faced with some big questions from our not yet Christian friends which can be hard to answer – Why does God allow suffering? Why is the church so negative about sex? What about science and creation?  Jasmine (who studied a few years ago at the ‘Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics’) will give us an overview of this area and how we can respond well to these difficult questions people ask.

‘Explore, Reflect, Pray – An interactive prayer journey for children and adults.’ Helen will be leading a set of creative prayer stations in the hall, which is particularly designed to be accessible for both children and adults. So come and mix the generations and find new and creative and enjoyable ways to pray together.

For those who have not been to a Seminar Sunday before, we gather for 25 minutes of worship together at the start and then people have a free choice of which seminar to go to. We have the interactive prayer journey this time especially for Children which Helen will be hosting in the hall, and the youth can select which seminar they want to go to.