All Saints APCM

All Saints will be holding its Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday 27th March as part of the morning service that day. Everyone is welcome to attend. Part of the service will be  devoted to a Review of 2021.

Annual Review booklets are available to download Annual Review 2021

Annual Review Agenda is availabel to download here: All Saint’s APCM 2022 agenda

2021 Accounts to be approved at the APCM available to download  here: 2021 Accounts.

Minutes of the APCM meeting held in 2021 available here: 2021 APCM Minutes.

There are 5 spaces available on the PCC this year. Nomination forms can be downloaded here.

In preparation for the APCM, the Electoral Roll will be updated. Applications to join the Electoral Roll can be downloaded here.