Divorce Recovery Workshop – Malvern Branch

Anyone who has been through the heartache of an irretrievable breakup is welcome at DRW. The breakdown of a long-term relationship is a form of bereavement, yet unlike the death of a spouse, often little support is available.

The course consists of 6 sessions:

• Is this really happening to me?
• Coping with your “Ex”
• Assuming new responsibilities
• Family matters
• Letting go and forgiveness
• Thinking about new relationships

Participants watch a DVD on each topic and then divide into small groups with 2 facilitators per group to help them talk through their issues. Everything said in the group is strictly confidential.
Everyone who has attended the workshop is then invited to join the DRW Social Group. This provides a source of new friends who understand what you have been through and offers on-going support.
Gill Owen Co-ordinator – DRW Malvern Branch.

The next workshop at St Andrew’s Church Centre will run on 3 Saturdays, fortnightly, on 8th and 22nd February and 7th March 2020 with 2 sessions per day with lunch in between.
For full details or to book a place contact Gill Owen:
01684 560394 or email her: malverndrw@domarda.co.uk

DRW is a registered charity. It is NOT profit making, nor is it about conversion to any faith or a dating agency. There is a charge of £60 to attend the whole workshop (6 sessions). Participants are given printed notes at each session.