The 2020 advent season was proving to be tough for so many of us. Our ‘Online Advent  Calendar of Hope’  shared daily stories of hope in difficult times. Each day throughout December 2020, until Christmas Eve, we posted a 5 minute video story of hope from one of our congregation members on this page. We would love to invite you to watch them and find ‘hope in the darkness.’

December 1st – watch here

‘Hope in tough times’  from Dave Bruce



December 2nd – watch here

‘Hope in Cancer’ – Bob Flynn



December 3rd – watch here

‘Hope in Abundant Provision’ – Lucy Finn



December 4th – watch here

‘Moving on in Hope’ – Janet Finch



December 5th – watch here

‘Finding Hope’ – Simon Macaulay

Information about Simon’s SKY Autism Support charity can be found here


December 6th – watch here

‘Hope at the Foodbank’ – Peter Buchanan



December 7th – watch here

‘Hope in the Slums’ – Elise Fletcher

For information on the RoyRak Jewellery business click here

For more information on Elise and Jon Fletcher’s work click here

December 8th – watch here

‘Hope in addiction’ – Russell Tomlinson



December 9th – watch here

‘Hope in Business’ – Sarah Saleh

You can view the Hop Shed’s website here


December 10th – watch here

‘Hope in terminal illness’ – Joan McNamee



December 11th – watch here

‘Hope in Debt’ – Chris Mesley



December 12th – watch here

‘New Hope’ – Ivor Jones



December 13th – watch here

‘Hope when caring for the sick’ – Anna Laidler



December 14th – watch here

‘Hope in times of Transition’ – Colin Robbins



December 15th – watch here

‘Hope in Holiday Horrors’ – Lis Ritchie



December 16th – watch here

‘Hope for the World’ – Lois Hornby



December 17th – watch here

‘Hope for the Later Stages of Life’ – Paul Hunt



December 18th – watch here

‘Hope through Adoption’ – Ryan Kirwan



December 19th – watch here

‘Hope for Emotional Healing’ – Diana Hunt



December 20th – watch here

‘Hope’ – Helen Attree



December 21th – watch here

‘Hope after losing a child’ – Jane Mortimore



December 22nd – watch here

‘Hope through Disability’ – Ian Rider



December 23rd – watch here

Transforming Hope – Lucy Horwood



December 24th – watch here

Hope for the Future – Alice Bruce